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All our team are graduates of the Department of Law and Administration at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń and members of the bar.
kancelaria prawna w Toruniu

Karol Sienkiewicz

Legal advisor. Delivers guidance in commercial companies law, civil law and labor law; has well-grounded experience in energy regulations (e.g. coordinated the consolidation process for heat supply in Toruń), reprivatization (represents the Board of Zjednoczone Fabryki Cykorii Ferd. Bohm et Co i Gleba SA) and reactivation of pre-war companies. Provides advice to owners of bonds dated before 1939.
kancelaria prawna w Bydgoszczy

Robert Jaroszewski

Legal advisor. Specializes in civil law, regulations concerning innovative technologies, counsels IT companies (e.g. construction of broad-band tele-information network in our province). Experienced in administrative law, esp. legitimizing the stay and employment of foreigners.
kancelaria w Toruniu

Piotr Zamroch

Legal advisor. Provides council in cases concerning: civil law, family law and energy law. Specializes in regulations relating to transmission devices. Highly experienced in court disputes and vindication of claims.
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